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The Still Wonder

West Michigan Wonderfolk

The Still Wonder is a four-piece acoustic-rock band that blends a balanced mix of male/female driven folk, americana, country, and blues.   

Originating in West Michigan the band features Tony Halchak, an International Award Winning and acclaimed singer/songwriter, whose work has won numerous music and songwriting awards around the world and appeared in film and television. He is also played on NPR and SiriusXM radio.  

Joining Halchak is Penny Lloyd-Jones on additional vocals & violin. Jon Carlson (bass, vocals) and Jeff Howard (percussion, vocals) round out the group, and they've played and recorded original and cover songs with a variety of popular West Michigan bands.



You handed me the keys to a story
Set to the music that our hearts had wrote
Tied with a chord only we could unravel
A thousand letters on a thousand notes

And all this time we searched for magic in the sky
Stellar songs to hear our whispers in the night
A long forgotten hymn buried in our soul
But now we found a way to play our rock and roll

Love is Magic

Is love an illusion? Is love true and real?
Because I think some of us are better than the rest at masking the reveal
I wanna storm the stage
I wanna start the show
But every trick I try to do the crowd somehow already knows 
Every slight of hand exposed

Growing up is tragic
Growing up is tragic
When you learn a dove has to die
Every time you do the trick
When you learn that love is

Love is magic

I'm sawed in half
I'm a hat but no bunny ears
I wish I could say abracadabra
And make myself disappear

Blood bounty

Drown your tears and woes
Get used to doing time
Replay the words you chose
Draw the battle lines

You've got a blood bounty on your mind
And you won't stop 
Til the last drop's 
Been paid this time

Sharpen all the swords
Shout the battle cries
Burn the village down
All around you dies

The flame

You bring the matches
I'll bring the gasoline
If we're gonna burn boy
At least we'll make a scene

Out here it's just so cold and damp
We can't help but warm our hands
You think we'd turn and run away
But we're so enraptured by the flame

In houses made of yellow straw
I saw a single spark consume 'em all
You can't rebuild a pile of ashes
You just sit and watch the wind carry them all off

Too late for phone calls
Too late for caring
Too late for red trucks and their sirens all blaring
Too late for saving all those things we had
Just turn around and don't look back
Just turn around
Don't look back

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